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I am offering a diverse background and perspective to the Coweta Fayette EMC. I am a retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and my last two assignments were with the White House Communications Agency and United States Forces-Iraq in Baghdad.

More About Otha

Platform Points:

  • Commit to Transparency and Owner Involvement: Your voice matters, and it’s time to be heard. I am dedicated to reestablishing transparency and fostering owner involvement. As a Board of Director, I will actively engage with members, provide clear communication about important decisions, and seek your input at every turn. Together, we’ll rebuild trust and strengthen our cooperative.
  • Lower Bills: Your hard-earned dollars deserve to stretch further. I will work tirelessly to explore new avenues for reducing energy costs, negotiating competitive rates, and implementing energy-saving measures. By prioritizing affordability, we’ll lighten the burden on your wallet and ensure that electricity remains affordable for all.
  • Inclusive Financing: I believe in equal access to affordable energy solutions. As a Board of Director, I will advocate for inclusive financing programs that empower every member of our community to embrace renewable energy without financial strain. Together, we’ll ensure that no one is left behind as we transition towards a sustainable energy future.
  • Environmental Goals: Our region’s natural beauty is worth preserving. I will lead our cooperative’s environmental goals by promoting renewable energy adoption, supporting eco-friendly practices, and actively pursuing sustainable initiatives. Let’s ensure a cleaner, greener future for our community and generations to come.

Education Background

Doctorate Candidate in Executive Leadership – University of Charleston, West Virginia, WV, 2025

PhD Honorary Humane Letters – Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, 2009

MS – Communications – Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, 2001

BA – Urban Studies and Management – Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA, 1989 

Career Highlights:

  • Currently advises state and national education leaders on strategic planning, grassroots mobilization, and organizational management. Collaborated and advised several national presidents across the nonprofit and education spectrum.
  • Currently serves as an advisor to nonprofit organizations in state and national leaders in the areas of governance, organizational management, and leadership roles for the National PTA and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Assigned and worked directly with the White House in the 43rd and 44th administrations, the United States Congress, and State Legislatures around the country advocating for laws that further the wellbeing of children and their families.
  • Selected and rendered successful service for: White House duty and Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel; as Company Commander and Battalion Operations Officer for the National Security Agency joint military unit.
  • Earned Bronze Star for performance as Chief of Personal Operations for Iraqi Theater and unit in Afghanistan.
  • Received the Knowlton Award, the highest honor that is awarded in the Army Intelligence Field.
  • Chick-Fil-A employee from 1987-1989 Peachtree Center. Owner-Operator Edgar Brush. Left company to serve in United States Army for 21 years.

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Otha Thornton

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